Tiwalayo Eisape

Tiwalayo Eisape

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

about me

I’m a second-year PhD student in the Computational Psycholinguistics Lab at MIT, Brain & Cognitive Sciences where I (1) use computational language models as psycholinguistic hypothesis generators and (2) apply insights from human language processing to make better computational models. I am a GEM Full Fellow and a Dean of Sciences Fellow.

Prior to MIT, I was a Ronald E. McNair Scholar in Computer Science at Boston College where I worked with the Language Learning Lab and the Social and Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Lab. I’ve also spent time working at the intersection of vision and language with the Vimeo Applied Machine Learning Group.

I’m passionate about increasing representation in STEM. If you’re an unrepresented minority considering joining the field, I’m happy to give advice and/or read materials. Please reach out!